Lever Action Holecutters


Lever Action Holecutter

Our most popular hole cutter. Components are a combination of cast aluminum and steel to maximize strength and minimize weight.


PART #: HC-PA1001-1  (with Scalloped Blade, Inside Edge, Without Bubble Level)

PART #: HC-PA1001-2 (with Scalloped Blade, Outside Edge, Without Bubble Level)

PART #: HC-PA1001-3 (with Straight Blade, Inside Edge, Without Bubble Level)

PART #: HC-PA1001-4 (with Straight Blade, Outside Edge, Without Bubble Level)

To order with a bubble level included, simply add a 9 to the end of the part numbers above. (For example: HC-PA1001-19 = Lever Action Holecutter with Scalloped Blade, Inside Edge, and Bubble Level handle.)


Replacement blades for the Lever Action Holecutter:


PART #: HC-PA1008-01 Scolloped Inside Sharpened Edge

PART #: HC-PA1008-02 Scolloped Outside Sharpened Edge



PART #: HC-PA1007-01 Straight (plain) Inside Sharpened Edge

PART #: HC-PA1007-02 Straight (plain) Outside Sharpened Edge

Replacement Bubble Level handle for the Lever Action Holecutters

PART #: HC-PA1029

Depth Gauges for HiO Holecutter

PART #: HC-PA1034 – Single grub screw – black


PART #: HC-RP28600 – 3 grub screws – green

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