HiO Holecutters

HiO Holecutter (self weighted Hammer-In)

PART #: HC-PA1003-1  (With inside sharpened blade – for sand greens)

PART #: HC-PA1003-2 (With outside sharpened blade – for soil greens)


Fast becoming a very popular holecutter. Superintendents everywhere have been won over by it’s precision, ease-of-use and time- and body-saving ability and very clean cut hole edge.


To operate, simply pull out the pin, lift the handle, and the hammer action will pound the hole cutter into the ground. Then simply twist the holecutter clockwise or anticlockwise to help release the plug, then lift the holecutter up drawing out the cutting blade and leaving behind the freshly cut, and very clean cut cup hole.


For the replacement parts diagram CLICK HERE

Replacement blades for the HiO Holecutter:

PART #: HC-PA1009-01    (HIO inside sharpened replacement blade)

PART #: HC-PA1009-02    (HIO outside sharpened replacement blade)

Bubble Level for the HiO Holecutter

PART #: HC-PA1028

Depth Gauge for HiO Holecutter

PART #: HC-PA1034

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