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MAREDO┬« is a Dutch company that develops and distributes innovative machines for your turf maintenance. The team at Maredo are proud to be known as “The Head Specialists” as they continue to grow a diverse range of units for the triplex Greensmowers (the MAREDO GT series) Tractor drawn units (The MAREDO MT series) and the own walk behind units (the MAREDO PT & ST series).

Please check out the units by clicking on the MAREDO logo above or one of the links below. For more information call us on 09 294 6040 or email: [email protected]

The MAREDO GT series Greensmower units click here

The MAREDO MT series tractor drawn units click here

The MAREDO PT & ST walk behind series click here

To see the units in action check out the MAREDO YouTube link: click here


For more information give us a call on (09) 2946040.

or Email [email protected]


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