Bowls & Croquet

We supply a variety of products specifically designed or suitable for use on Bowling Greens and Croquet Lawns.

A small sample of the products available can be viewed here. Contact us on 09 294 6040 for more information.

For information and availability of parts for the Scott Bonnar Queen mower, the Smooth Cut mower and the ATM mower please contact us at


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Blades – Grooving, Grooming, Slicing, Spiking and Verticutting blades.

We supply blades that are suitable for use on a large variety of Turf
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Wetting agents

We have a range of Tablet wetting agents to fit intoTablet applicators
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String Trimmer Line

We have both Diamond and Round Trimmer Line. High Impact & high We
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Sprinkler Head Trimmers

We have both manual Sprinkler Head Trimmers and Trimmer heads that fit
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Sod Slides

We have both 3″ and 6″ Sod Slides perfect for turfing. The
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Biodegradable Pegs

These pegs grab and hold sod, erosion control blankets netting and lan
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Fusion Paint Our Fusion paint is perfect for refreshing tired looking
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Backlapping Compound Available in both 10lb and 25lb buckets with the
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Measuring Jugs and Buckets

Our measuring cylinders and jugs can be bought individually or as a co
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Bowls Bedknives, Reels and Mower Parts

We supply Cotula, Starweed and Grass bedknives for all Bowling Greens
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Bowls Machines

We have a range of machines suitable for use on Bowling Greens. Below
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Coring Tines

We have access to over 240 different Coring Tines including Alloy Soli
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Drag Mats and Core Collecting Tools

Steel Drag Mat This flexible steel Drag Mat is ideal for Top dressing
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Shoe & Spike Cleaners

Our large variety of Shoe and Spike cleaners allows you to pick the op
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