Date:April 30, 2020

Coring / Aerating Tines

We have access to over 300 different Coring Tines including Alloy Solid Tines, Alloy Shatter Tines, Standard Hollow Tines, Needle Tines, Alloy Hollow Tines, Carbide-Tipped Alloy Hollow Tines, Standard Side-eject Tines, Alloy Side-eject Tines, Carbide-Tipped Side-eject Tines, Alloy Machined Side-eject Tines, Carbide-Tipped Machined Side-eject Tines, Alloy Slicing Knife Tines and Alloy Spoons.

We also stock Tine Holders for a range of machines.

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Contact us to find the right Coring Tine for your needs or request our PDF tine chart. We can email our tine chart to you on request.


Hollow Coring Tine


Shatter Tine


Slicing Knife Tine


Side-eject Coring Tine


Solid Coring Tine


Side-eject Vertidrain Tine



Solid Vertidrain Tine





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