Date:July 19, 2021

SmoothCut Petrol 30″ Mower

SmoothCut Petrol 30″ Mower


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Features Include:
– Self-propelled Petrol mower with 5.5Hp Honda Engine
– Gravity fed front roller scraper
– Solid steel front roller hangers
– 2 X 60mm or 21/2″ front roller bearings
– Adjustable scraper tray set against rear roller
– Variable speed belt drive
– Reversible16 blade cutter for double life
– Front and rear steel rollers
– Four independently driven sections on rear roller
– Precision cut adjustment with dual lock nuts
– Strong light weight fibreglass catcher that doesn’t rust


Optional Extras
– Transporter to prevent damage to rollers
– Broom and Grooming reel for synthetic greens
– Teasing rake to lift out dry thatch
– Teasing Brush to stand the plant leaf up

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