Special Event Putting Cups

Sure Putt Practice system

Part #: CUP-PA10710 Sure Putt Practice system

Part #: CUP-PA10710 Sure Putt 3inch Cup

This system is widely regarded as one of the best putting aides for any level of golfer.

Big Cup Golf (8inch and 15inch cups)

It is a great way to attract beginner and junior play. Use it for special events or in conjunction with a regulation cup so an experienced golfer can play with someone new to the game. Get the products shown here and allow the Big Cup game to be differentiated from the traditional game of golf on the same hole and course. Allowing all players to enjoy the game.

Using a larger cup can increase pace of play by up to 45 minutes. The average score can be as many as 10 strokes better



8 Inch Putting Cup

Part #: CUP-PA925

Our 8-inch Bright White plastic cup is a great way to grow the game by giving beginners an easier target. Its durability makes it the cup to choose for “big cup” and junior events.


15 Inch Putting Cup

Part #: CUP-PA0927 15inch Cup

Part #: CUP-PA1004 15inch holecutter

Part #: CUP-PA1072 15inch Cup plug


21inch Foot Golf Cups

Part #: CUP-ST18821 21Inch cup

Part #: CUP-ST18850 21Inch cup lid

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