Date:July 23, 2020

Maredo GT230 HiSpeed Corer

The Maredo GT230 HiSpeed-Corer Units.

The revolutionary tool For Removing Thatch – fits your triplex greens mower, and turns it into a very special coring machine, which removes your thatch in another way.


Available to fit Jacobsen, John Deere and Toro Greensmowers


The Maredo GT230 HiSpeed Corer goes as fast as mowing. 4 million holes per hour are punched with your triplex greens mower up to 25 mm./ 1” deep. Deeper than what can be achieved with a verticutter on a triplex.

And because it is fast, quick healing (the holes are gone in 2-3 days) and not hurting your turf, you can do it every 4-5 weeks. And the holes are great for your dusting, fertilizer and irrigation water penetration too.


Each set of units come with their own trolleys. These trolleys make life so easy. Basically you never have to pick up the heads by hand. They are either on the machine or on the trolley.


For more information check out the YouTube video links below or visit the Maredo site at the link button below:

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