Date:July 23, 2020

Maredo GT210 VibeSpike Aerator

Maredo GT210 VibeSpike Aerator Units

The Maredo® GT210 VibeSpike-Aerator for the Greens fits your triplex greens mower and turns it into a spike aerator, using a special technique to drive the spikes in the soil.


Available to fit Jacobsen, John Deere and Toro Greensmowers


We all know how hard it is to push a drum type spiker in the ground. You need a lot of weight and next you get damaged hole edges. Maredo has developed a new technique to overcome this problem. Maredo uses vibration to hammer a spike in the soil. The 6 spike sections are mounted around a driven camshaft. The spike sections roll over the ground and next they vibrate when the cam shaft is driven. This vibration helps to drive the spike in the soil, de-compact the soil and finally leave a nice, clean hole. Another great thing is that at the moment the spike reaches a hard spot, we only have to drive slower. We get more vibrations per spike, which hammers the spikes finally in the soil.

The maximum working depth is 35 mm. = 1-1/2” and can be adjusted over the front roller. The GT210 creates about 700 holes per square meter. The spike thickness is 3 mm. = 0.120”. It can be used at mowing speed and you can play right away. It is a quick way to open up the top layer of your greens and tees. Several customers uses them every 2-3 weeks, just before mowing the greens.


Each set of units come with their own trolleys. These trolleys make life so easy. Basically you never have to pick up the heads by hand. They are either on the machine or on the trolley.


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