Date:March 20, 2019

GreenTek Thatch-away

GreenTek Solutions is a specialist supplier of grass, ground and turf maintenance equipment. GreenTek equipment gives you more for your money, with versatile multi-purpose products that can be configured to do many different tasks.

At Baber Turf Equipment Co. we are excited to offer our New Zealand customers Greentek’s Thatch-away Super System, with their range of interchangeable cassettes.

See the range below…



To download the Thatch-Away Product Catalog: CLICK HERE



Verticutter Cassettes

Fine-Grass Cassettes


Groomer / Poa Buster Cassettes



Scarifier Cassettes


Sarel Roller Cassettes


Greens Roller Cassettes


Star Slitter Cassettes


Deep Slicer Cassettes


Rotary Brush Cassettes


Topdressing Brush Cassettes


We stock and order in replacement parts for the Thatch-away Super System.

Call or email us to order your replacement parts.


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