Date:July 03, 2020

Flagstick Fittings

We have a range of flagstick fittings, replacement components and added extras.

Product Demonstration videos can be found at the bottom of this page.


Flagstick Top Ferrule and Black Acorn Nut

Top Ferrule = Part #: POLE-CB1732

Black Acorn Nut = Part #: POLE-CB1733



Quick Release Top Stud

Part #: POLE-PA1740-01


Par Aide Edge Saver Ball Retriever

Part #: POLE-PA1725

As a result of the new USGA rule allowing the flagstick to be left in while putting, cups hole edges are being increasingly damaged by golfers. This is caused by golfers reaching into the cup to retrieve their golf ball with the flagstick still in place, or by forcing the ball out of the cup with the flagstick or a putter.

• Par Aides new Edge-Saver is an easy to use device that removes golf balls from the cup without damaging the hole.
• It attaches to any Par Aide flagstick and nest perfectly into the grooves of our ferrule.
• The Edge-Saver is designed to freely move up and down the flagstick, further minimizing any damage when removing or replacing the flagstick in the cup or when the flagstick is placed flat on the green.


Standard Golf Cup Saver Ball Retriever

Part #: POLE-ST26550

Remove golf balls without damaging the cup.
Retriever connects to the bottom of the flagstick with a “snap in place” mechanism.
Lift flagstick and golf balls come up with it.
Made from a super light, durable polymer.


EasyMark Ground Sockets

Put a flagstick anywhere, without cutting a cup hole.

Versatile tap-in anchor makes it easy to set up flags for special events or on the range.

EasyMark II (for ferruled flagsticks) Part #: POLE-ST26760
Easy Mark II accepts flagsticks with ferrules – and thus can use flags

EasyMark (for non-ferruled flagsticks) Part #: POLE-ST….