Par Aide

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Par Aide

Baber Turf Equipment Co. (BABECO) is proud of the four decades we have been representing the Par Aide brand in New Zealand. Par Aides commitment to innovation, integrity and quality goes to the very heart of our own philosophy and ethos as a company. Par Aide’s passion for detail and value has been the cornerstone to their success.


A passion for perfection.

Par Aide’s ABOUT US statement:
The Par Aide name is grounded in a long-standing tradition of innovation and integrity. When we started back in 1955, we made a promise to produce only the highest-quality products to not only meet, but exceed our customers’ expectations. We’ve kept that promise and can proudly say that Par Aide graces the most prestigious golf courses in the world.
Throughout the past six decades, we’ve remained focused on innovation, quality, value and support. We have an undeniable passion for details that doesn’t stop with our products. We put as much effort into hiring top-quality people as we do in creating top-quality products. We listen to our customers. We imagine new ways to make our products more productive and functional. But most importantly, we find solutions to make your job easier and your course the best it can possibly be.


Par Aide History

In 1954, Joseph S. Garske couldn’t have known that he was launching a transformational business. But thanks to almost 60 years of hindsight, we can see that all the required elements were in place for Par Aide’s successful future.
First, there was Joe Garske, himself. A gifted, self-trained pattern maker, Joe started and was operating a thriving enterprise, Progress Foundries in St. Paul, Minn. The next element was the idea: A PGA meeting in St. Paul gave Joe the inspiration to invent a “good ball washer,” as he would say. Joe possessed both the ability and the wherewithal to see the project through. Next, the better mousetrap. In a year’s time, Joe designed his game-changing “good ball washer,” created tooling needed to produce it, and received a patent to protect it. End of story? Not quite.
Like many success stories, Par Aide’s has a twist in it, and it happens here. Joe took his unique product, tooling and patent and offered them to two golf-accessory companies. Both declined, and Par Aide was born, first as a subsidiary of Progress Foundries.
In the following years, Par Aide thrived under the leadership of Joe Garske, Robert F. Gerding and, most recently, Steve Garske. Through it all, our die-cast dedication to innovation, quality and improving the golf experience for golfers while providing utmost value to golf course superintendents has elevated Par Aide to industry leadership.